About Omega Tax & Accounting

Our team is created of Tax, Bookkeeping, Business and Financial accountants who can help you manage all aspects of your personal or professional financial plan. We consult, advise, strategise and plan precisely how to achieve your financial goals. We make sure that your solutions are actionable, and that all strategies are designed with integrity, allowing optimisation of cash flow, bringing more money to your bottom line.


Financial stressors are the root of many personal and professional problems, and our goal is to eliminate that stress. By creating a sustainable financial plan, you can address your current financial problems, and take a proactive approach to future complications.

We Minimize
Your Financial Risk

Nothing in life is free, which means you require money to achieve security. We help you to make smart and educated financial decisions, and minimize the risk on all levels. From creating a sound trust, to generating funding, personal savings, business expansion, business start-up, taxes and accounting, and perfect payroll!

Our Team Approach

We work together as a team to create the custom-tailored services you require. Each Omega expert specialises in an area of expertise and will give you the time and attention required to create a sound signature solution.

The Omega Team

Gerhard Kotze

Tax Agent

Willien Kotze

Xero Bookkeeping and Practice Manager

Sanet Doman

Tax Consultant


Contact the Omega team for further information on how we
can assist you with your Tax and Accounting needs.

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